Ducktape and super glue

Hello People.

I’m back in LYNNWOOD!
Yup…..3rd time must be a charm right?
my address is 3805 164th st. sw
# A 103
Lynnwood WA, 98087

I think I’m going to finish my mission here. no complaints about that.

This week has been a fun- filled adventure…sometimes i just want to buy a go-pro camera and mount it on my head so you can see my life.
Monday- transfer calls….yay!
-hangers broke
-bedding tote broke
everything broke.

– gps cord frayed
-alarm clock broke
-gave my fav watch away to a man that needed it
– blah.

-bike broke
brakes- broke
-chain broke
-gears not oiled (mission bike)
-pouring wind
(….moral of the day….don’t let elders that claim to have “spare parts” fix your bike).

pouring rain
-boots froze
-coat soaked through….

-wind storm
-tree’s on the roads
-shingles everywhere
– bike still not fixed.

im tired. but happy.

I keep praying each day for President Bonham to be inspired to give us a car because I can’t fix everything with ductape and glue.. ummm…yes please.

a really happy thing is that they might be bringing me a new mattress with week!
I thought my bed in Arlington was hard….then I got here. haha.
Sister Ah Chong and I have been sleeping on the floor because it’s so much softer than our beds. So we’ll be having a lot of fun things happen this week!

1. sister ah chong
2. RJ was baptized!
3. Fav family in Arlington!



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