Hi Friends,


Guess what.
I hate going to the dentists. because then they poke you with needles and put numbing stuff in your face.

Root Canal.

But valentines day was awesome!

Our investigator Tony, took us to his favorite place…..Mcdonalds haha.
Best meal ever.

Poor Tony, He is so awesome, Him and his girlfriends just broke up and they can’t talk to each other because of a police order, so we have been trying to cheer him up. But he keeps drinking his sorrows away and it’s so sad to see.

we have these “pet” (not really pet squirrels because that’s against the rules) that we feed every morning, they are so cute…..we named them squirrel. I asked Tony if he wanted to see a picture of our pet squirrels and he said “nah man….I don’t like dem squirrels…one of dem tried to bite me when I was little…tryin’ to feed it..”

So Tony doesn’t like our pets…but i like them..i even took pictures of them for you this week.

So Sister Ah Chong experienced her 1st migraine this week( that lasted 4 days 😦 ), she woke up really early and I went to see if she was okay and she was crying because her head hurt so bad.
President Bonham came over and brought her different pills because he’s the migraine expert, and she slept most of the morning, so we missed zone meeting and then we left at 10 so we could make it to the dentist at 11:50. No one would give us a ride so we took the bus a couple miles and biked the rest of the way.

Then after my root canal I was in no shape to bike again….and noo ne would come get us, so the AP’s found us a ride.
Then because the densitst wouldn’t give me pain pills, I bought really strong pain pills and some gum numbing stuff…that really numbed me up and I slept a lot.

We were able to meet really cool people this week, even though we were down a lot. I am flabbergasted that I only have 40 something days left.
I know that as we nurture our faith a little bit day by day and apply the gospel principles…we will find happiness!!

I love being happy! do you like being happy!

oh hey….we had cleaning checks this week….and we got 2 rolls of Toilet paper…2ply..yup.


before root canal


after root canal


Valentines Day



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