Hi Friends

Hi Friends,

Week 2 of everything breaking.

This week my bike was FINALLY FIXED. Then they told me that my gears wouldn’t shift past 3rd gear….that’s a problem. But they said that I had to pay more money to fix it….I said no. So I let the Elders try to fix it…..


I should’ve paid the extra money.
I got my bike back from the Elders with parts and bolts that weren’t there before.

So we had one smooth day with our bikes…
Then Sister Ah Chong went down a hill thing and her bike made a really weird noise and her tire wouldn’t even spin….so we drug her bike as far as the church and then bam…..her basket in front of her bike just…fell off. we were laughing so hard. We were so tired and hungry. So we left our sad bikes at the church and ate at chipolte. Ya do whatcha gotta do….ya know.

We have dropping a million of our investigators…but thats okay…separation of the wheat and tares right. It’s so weird because I’m still so happy. The Lord sends us his prepared children in the midst of everything.

I went to the Chiropractor…..I died. I thought he was trying to kill me..
He was tellign me how he doesn’t approve of what the Bonhams do and blah bleh blah and so he took his anger out on my poor body. So I bought some Ice packs and I’ve been wakling around like a 99 year old. Sister Ah Chong always laughs.

Hopefully I get a mattress this week so I can stop sleeping on the floor.

Anywho. I’m great.
Love you all…lets be friends forever okay. k.

sista Lyman


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