My Last 42 days…….




yay!! I am so happy!

So this week….

We have a really cool new Investigator…his name is Jorge.
He is going through a really bad divorce…he was sitting on his couch and he was crying..then he looked up to the sky and he said “what am I suppose to do now?” then the name Colton popped into his head…he heard “call colton.”
Colton is his member friend.
So, he called Colton….and colton asked Jorge if he was ready to receive the missionaries. and Jorge said “yes…i’m ready…”

It was a pretty powerful story and Jorge is a very nice guy.

I also Finished my root canal this week. I got pain pills this time and I felt soooo funny. But they worked reallllyy well.

Then we had to say goodbye to some of my loved missionaries…as they flew home this morning. i am now one of the oldest sisters in the mission…scarryyy.

only 42 more days to dedicate my time to the Lord.
ah chong…me …and connor!



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