rain and crashes

So this week was a pretty crazy week.

we have had such beautiful weather until……this dreadful week.

Monday was a good day…ya know the usual Pday…except last p-day I actually was able to TAKE A NAP……yes. it’s exactly what is sounds like.1B6.gif

Then…..Tuesday….we were biking down a pretty big hill. It was really rainy that day, so we borrowed a members dryer so that we could be dry for the rest of the day. We were just leaving their house and as we were biking down 200th…I was in front of S. Ah Chong. Mind you it was a red light so there were a billion cars in line.
Because they don’t change mission bike tires that often and the road was really wet/rainy my tires slipped and I took a fun skid down the road. The next thing I know is my bike is all messed up and everyone in their car is just looking at me, even the weird asian kids across the street(asians are taking over the world). Sister Ah Chong starts laughing and we walk across the street and we die laughing. Then I realized I hurt and then I realized I was bleeding…the first discovery was my poor knee….then the other knee….then my ankle…then my helmet…
no biggie. it was a fun experience. I know everyone in the bike department at Sports Authority by name…..Ayla is my favorite. She fixed my bike up enough to get it home. We had dinner in like 30 minutes so I bought some new leggings and socks and we biked super fast to dinner. I hated that bike.

Then we had a great Wednesday volunteering at the Food Bank. Then that night we went to dinner……and the woman was a hoarder….literally. I was kind of scared to eat her food….I felt something weird on the chair and I looked to see what I was sitting on…..POOP. literally…..cat.poop.
The things we do.

But any who….
I got a BEAUTIFUL new helmet!!
and…….*drum roll* A NEW BIKE!

story of the new bike:
the elders came over and put some new tread on our bikes….so basically new tires with traction. because they “think” they know how to right…
But one thing they forgot to do….was pump up the tires…so we bike down by the mall to have lunch with other sisters at panera bread…and we were biking on flat tires….
then as we bike up this huge hill…it was raining cats and dogs and my chain snaps and my gears go crazy…
I prayed….heavenly father…please bless that theres a bike store near….
then at the top of the hill THERE WAS A BIKE STORE.
I walked in and said….
” Hi, can you help me fix my bike. i hate this bike. can you fix it and then help me buy a new one….”

So we found a good one and they helped me get it all set up. yay!!

Then the next day….sister ah chongs bike broke….we can’t catch a break.
So we took my old bike all apart and we put new tires on sister Ah Chongs bike again….it was sure an experiment. but we did it!

Anywhooo…..we did something wrong. So its actually getting fixed for real haha.

Hey family guess what….
I have a toothache..

Dentist Appointment tomorrow at 3:20 sharp.
bleh. I asked if I could have Sister Ah Chong pull it out or something and They said no.


our mail box has been really empty….
maybe you lost my address…….

1. my cool new bike

2.bike parts err’ywhere

3.Sister Ahchong…bike master

4. ouch.



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