Hi Friends!

Where to start…….where to end?

Okay… So monday…

I cut my finger, REALLY bad.
Some stupid metal hanger…..It wouldn’t stop bleeding so I called our doctor and told him that I cut my finger and that I had some super glue…I asked if I could just superglue it and Dr. Tate said no. soo…blah bleu..I could’ve gotten stitches, but it was like 7pm and I didn’t have time for it. So i called some people and they took us to Fred Meyers and i bought bandaids and Gauze and I called it good.

Then on Tuesday I had my LAST ZONE CONFERENCE!
As I sat and listened….I was looking at all of the younger missionaries answer all of these questions and how they were so energetic, and I thought to myself….”man, i remember when I had that much energy and I answered questions…I AM SOOOOOO TIRED..”
So at the end of Zone Conference they have all of the departing missionaries give their testimonies. They read a list of all of the missionaries that will bare their testimonies and I was called. It was so weird to give a 2 minute testimony based on my entire mission….It really made me think about the lessons I have been able to learn.
I have really learned that I have gained a strong testimony of going forward with a spirit of dedicated service, putting myself in the hands of the Lord….to do this, his great work. How great is it that we believe in revelation and in a God that is loving!

Then on Wednesday I went to the Chiropractor and he was a whole lot nicer to my poor body and then I laid on ice for a while and it was awesome….Then I went up to Everrett to meet with President Duce, the 1st councilor in the mission presidency. He was going to notarize a paper for me…then he looked it over and ended up calling dad because he said I deserved more….anywho….it’s great to have a lawyer as a mission president as well as all of his councilors….the Lord really loves his missionaries 🙂
Then that night we met a super sweet woman tracking…her name is Leslie and she has 2 kiddos….She things she was baptized when she was 10 but doesn’t really know. But we have starting meeting with her and her 2 kiddos. They are really interested in the Book of Mormon! Super!

Then on Thursday…..we woke up early to run and then….7am. the phone rings.
our Recent convert and his brother were kicked out of their house and had slept outside at the bus station all night (FREEEEEZGING). They were praying about who to call and they found a card with our na,e and number. So they waited until 7am to call us.
So we went as fast as we could to the bus station and met them….they hadn’t had any food or drink for a day so I said ” lets take you to Mcdonalds..” partially because it was closer than anywhere else. So I bought them Breakfast and hot chocolate….then we waited for the library to open and we took them there.
We looked for a shelter or for anything to help them.
All of the brethren were at work or didn’t answer….We finally got ahold of our Bishop and he said he could meet at 7pm. So we left them at the Library and Sister Ah Chong and went to Jack in the Box and ate and slept in the booth haha. We were Sooo tired.
Then we did some work and met them at the church at 7. Bishop said he’d take care of it….but I felt so bad…I felt like there had to be something that we could do to help. But I knew that the Bishop held the keys to help these boys and so we left with a prayer in our heart. It was so hard to see yet again…another family broken. My mind was lead back to Alma 14…when the believers were cast into the fire because they wouldn’t deny the Christ. Sometimes bad things happen, we can’t always control the trials we receive, but we can control how we react.

Then on Friday we got a weird phone call from this guy we didn’t know and it was someone looking for the boys we had helped the previous day….we called bishop to ask about them and he had found them a home!!! MIRACLE!
We then went to contact a potential named Patrice….he answered the door and he was soooooo drunk. He couldn’t even stand up straight….it made me really sad to see that. So we left.

Then on Saturday we had an activity called MACHO CHEF…it’s where all of the men in the ward bring their most valued plate of food and the ward votes on who is the “Macho Chef…” It was so much fun!
I have never seen so much food….or seahawks crazed fans hahaha….

I hate this bike…..I just need to buy my own. seriously.

anywho…..we were waiting for a ride because i had to take my bike to sports authority.

Soo….you know how apartments have heat and fire detectors?

well in the hallways in our apartment building….the thing was beeping like it had a low battery.
And we could not sleep…it was SO loud…So we decided that we would just ya know….take out the batteries.
So we find a tall chair and sister ah chong stands on the chair (because she’s taller than me) and starts to twist it….
Little did we know that we set off the tamper alam and THE WHOLE BUILDING STARTS BEEPING.
yeah. we set off the alarm for the entire apartment complex. So we run back inside out apartment and take out the batteries to everything that has batteries…
and pretty soon we heard everyone running down the stairs….
SO we run outside….
the fire department shows up….

they called it….a ” system malfunction”
SO we didn’t get in trouble.

whew……we didn’t get much sleep.

My finger is find.
we are safe…no fire.
everyone has a home.
my bike is broken.


❤ me!

p.s. ……having a samoan comp….= FOOOD!b
riding the bus for days…….



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