This week…..
SO where to start.

lets start by saying that I love cats….but I got a pretty good cat scratch to the face….so I haven’t held a cat for the past 12 hours….that’s a record.

Also, Jorge is doing super well. we fasted with him yesterday, and he will see what happens with his baptism date.
They sang a song about going home in church yesterday and my dear sister ahchong started to cry… then I looked at her, and it hit me that I only have 2 Sundays left….what…

We had exchanges this week and we went to this really yummy sushi place…and They had Mochi! that really yummy ice cream thing…so that’s all I got. and like 2 things of sushi. yummy.

It was interesting to sit with this dear sister, who I was on exchanges with, and hear her going through all of these things, and then I would tell her stories of when I went through something similar. It was crazy to hear myself, and how I’ve made it so far.

This week, we found a new investigator…his name is Meyoshi A…..we met up with him at a restaurant…he explained that he met his wife at a club, and then she got pregnant, so they were just recently married.
He said, he didn’t really want the baby….it just happened. It made me sad to hear that. But it was a good lesson….until 2 hours later, when we received a text from him…inviting us to go to downtown Seattle and go “clubbin” with him….ummm…
noooo thankkk you…

We had so much fun with our friend Kayla this week! she invited us over to a cute fire she was having, we took our investigator Jorge, and we all have great fun!

Anywho…Im doing so good.
I may or may not have gotten a ticket this week…by photo.
wasnt my fault.
we will see….love me still?

❤ Sister Lyman!!



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