The Final Count Down

Dear Family….How are you doing?

This week was pretty cool.

…..We are teaching super cute little 9 year old name Jillian!
Her mom and brother are so cute, and I am seriously going to be friends with them forever.

J, is really progressing super well, he is going to be baptized this week!
It has really been a miracle to see the grace of God.
Its amazing to see people change, and to become close to God.

I think that over the course of my mission, I have really come to love potential.
I love meeting people and just looking at their potential. He/she has the potential of living with God, he/she can be baptized and repent. They can be cleaned through the grace and merits of God.

I know that forgiveness is possible through Jesus Christ, I know that being unified is truly possible.
I am going to miss sharing the gospel everyday as a full time missionary.
But I will never stop sharing it.

Through all of the trials I have had on mission, I have learned how to fully rely on the Lord. I love him so much.

I’m terrified to come home…but I guess it’s a new opportunity for me to progress.
I’m going to be super awkward, and i’m going to rock it.

I am grateful for the plan of salvation.

❤ Sister Lyman




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