Week 1,236,846

Hello my dearest people!

So….this week was awesome!

I worked on my exit essays like crazy, actually, it’s pretty cool to see subtle changes that will impact me forever.

Also….we started packing. yes. I am such a pro at throwing things away. Be proud. Be proud. The other day we were at a Less Actives home and just because we are so used to cleaning, Sister Ah Chong and I just started picking things up….then she gave us a weird look…and we put everything back down.

we have to clean our apartment so it can basically be closed down šŸ˜¦

but I have a very exciting announcement to make……

DALLIN H. OAKS is coming to our mission! And what makes it better, is that he is coming before I go home….yes!

Also, Jorge is doing so well! He is progressing so well. He is reading and praying. Even though he is going through a divorce. He told us this week that his soon to be ex-wife is wanting to take his 3 boys to Virginia with her new boyfriend šŸ˜¦
I’ve never really seen him get emotional before.
But he had his kids this weekend and he brought them to church, and they did really well, they made it through sacrament meeting…but that was it. but ya gotta start somewhere right.

Last night, we had our last CSFY Mission Fireside. We brought 2 investigators. It was so good, I was able to see some of my old companions and people I love.
It is making me sad that I am doing all of these things for the “last time” as a missionary. But our WML pointed out a good point. That when you go home you grow so much because you have the choice to live the principles and commandments you’ve learned on your mission. And i’m really excited for that.

Anywho…..I love being a missionary.
I love benadryl and I love Lynnwood!

love you all!



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