November 25th, 2013

Hi Family!

How are you all doing…I hope your doing good!
Well guess what…This is the mark of my first week in Washington! ahhhh! I’ll sum this all up for you….
So we landed in Washington around 1:20pm Washington time…which was like 3:20 in Mexico. Then we drove from Seattle to Everett around 30 min drive. Then we went to the mission office which is attatched to a beautiful church…EVERYTHING IS SO GREEN! The first I did right off the plane was take a big ol wiff of the clean air…i love clean air…also I drank water from a drinking fountain without having to use a filter! imagine that.
Then at the church/mission office we ate and had interviews and met all of the new english sisters (there were 8 new engilsh sister and 8 new spanish) then we got papers after papers…loads of presentaions then we went into the chapel to sing while President Bohman decides the companionships…They asked me to play the piano and I was so tired that It was good because it helped me stay awake haha.
Then Presidente came in and we were all in the chapel and my heart was racing…we had the met the trainers earlier but we didnt know who was going where…So presidente called my name first.. he said “Hermana Lyman…you are called to Labor in Lynnwood Washington with Hermana….Andersen…” We meet in the center of the chapel by the pulpet and give each other hugs! I was SO exicted!
After that we get out luggage and our packages. Then we get our cars and leave for our areas….We are whitewashing so we had no Idea where we were going…we should up to our apt and the key wouldnt open the door! She called the DL’s and they were and hour away so we prayed and prayed…then these elders showed up and turns out we were trying to break into their apt. haha the mission office had given us the wrong keys!
So we went back and got new keys and drove to our apt….then the mission office rememberd that the apt they assigned us was OUT of mission boundries. So we were only in that apt for 2 days…we had unpacked and got settle in and gone grocery shopping…BEFORE the ap’s called and were like….Sooooo sorry but you have to move apts…
So we packed up and the next day the DL’s came and we moved again haha. But our new apt is SO NICE. we have a gym and our apt is inside so we have to get buzzed in and out..soups nice.
We went contacting and proselyting and at first I was like….okay woah, this is weird. I dont even know this person and Im just supposed to share the gospel with them?
But I had faith that I could and my companion has been super patient and nice. Its so scary speaking in spanish and trying to get everything right. But one thing ive learned is…as long as the spirit is with you, you dont have to have all of the words right.
So Ive been speaking in spanish and walking up to random people and being like “Hola! nosotros somos los missioneras de la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias….compartimos mensajes sobre jesucristo….y la iglesia de jesucrist es restaurado en la tierra hoy…”
But its been so faith building to have to rely on the spirit and the words of christ alone to make it though!
On saturday guess who was in my mission…DAVID A BEDNAR!
it was so amazing! we spend 4 hours with him! he didnt give us a talk…but he taught us more than a talk ever could….we were assigned 3 talks and 3 pages of scriptures to have all ready and studied at least 5 times before satuday. we were all so prepared and so instead of just lecturing us we asked him question….he asked us….he asked us…what did you learn, what does this mean to you…how can you teach this…then we let us ask him antying…we had the opportuinty to learn from an apostle of god for 4 hours. it was amazing.  If theres one thing I can teach you from this, its this….ACT.
Don’t wait around to be acted upon…act for yourself, act in faith and act with the knowledge that christ WILL be with you.
I want to share some of my first experiences up here.
My first day proselyting…. we go to this apartment complex, we both are new in the area so we know zero people here. we knock on a door….Claudia answers to door…she lets us in. shes from peru and her boy friend still lives here….we teach her the restauracion and she say…this is to funny…your mormon right? we are like…we are. then she says…my boyfriend is mormon and he just said I should learn more..and I said…yeah I should huh..then you guys knocked on the door. Claudia is so prepared and she is going to be baptized!
Then we meet anadelia…we met her street contacting and we went to her house last night…her house is broken and old, we walked in and her house was dirty and trash everywhere…they cant afford electricity or heat, so they carry around flash lights…we spent 3 hours cleaning and teaching her, then we found out her husband was baptized in Mexico…shes out of our area so we had to turn her over…but she is soild and so ready!
My branch is awesome! there are 9 of us missionaries in this branch and we are expecting miracles! We are having thanksgiving at the branch presdients house….there are alot of english speakers in the branch and the branch pres. is english and they are way good friends with our mission president. So thats awesome!
We are strictly spanish speakers, we dont speak or teach anything english which is awesome and kind of scary sometime but I LOVE IT!
Its SO COLD UP HERE! So on our weird pday (thursday) I am going to buy scarfs…gloves…tighs and some cardigans kk….just so ya know. We went to 5guys burgers and my first meal then the relief society pres. took us there a couple nights ago!
Lastly, I just want to say Thank you, thank you for the support and thank you for the love and letters and outpouring spirit of the prayers that I feel!
I know the gospel is true, i was telling my companion that I am so blessed to be speaking spanish because I know that in order for me to say antyhing in spanish I have to actually have a firm testimony of it in english. This is the best thing i have ever done. I have never been so close to my savior and I have never felt to much joy and already sorrow.
I have never loved to speak to strangers to much and to tell them that we have the restored church on the earth, that GOD LIVES AND LOVES US! and that we can return to live with him someday. That families are forever and only through the atonement can we be cleansed. I love this everyday, I love waking up everyday to the spirit and love.
I love you all! Talk to you next Monday!!

Arrival of Washington Everett Missionaries

Parents and friends of missionaries arriving in the Washington Everett Mission today:

We joyfully received eight Spanish-speaking Sisters, seven English-speaking Sisters, and one valiant English-speaking Elder today.  It has been a busy day!  They’ve been fed and given a little training and had a short interview with me as Mission President.  They were assigned their first companions here in Washington early this evening and are now in transit to their apartments.  They should all be in their areas this evening and planning their proselyting day for tomorrow.  Tomorrow they will be doing the work of full-time missionaries!

They are an impressive group and we are delighted to have them.  We will see them again on Friday for additional training and once again on Saturday when we will be having a conference with a visiting General Authority.  I’m sure they’ll have something to say about that when they email you on Monday.

President Bonham

Washington Everett Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Leaving Mexico


So this is crazy! that its 2:07am here haha and I am emailing you to tell you that at 2:30am we leave for the airport!

we have to go through customs in Dallas but they tell me it should be fast so I’m praying that i call. I will do everything i can! isn’t that song wonderful! I love it! thank you for everything, we didn’t get to bed till 11:30pm last night and woke up at 1am so that’s pretty cool. my luggage is packed, underweight and ready to go.

As i am up so ready, Mexico is beautiful and I am going to miss it. we have to come back here! I love you! and I’m going to email this to dad and Rylee too! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO I LOVE YOU!

You Tube Video: BYU Men’s Choir I Love the Lord (Be Still, my soul)

If link doesn’t work, please google BYU Men’s Choir I love the Lord. Its the first link that comes up.

Nov 18th Pictures

SAM_0087our class of Mexico natives! we loved them!

SAM_0091more of the natives!

SAM_0150the natives love getting their picture taken haha

SAM_0216time to say goodbye to my house in Mexico!

SAM_0223these sisters are so cute and sweet. hermana young (dad owns DoTerra) then me and Hermana Southerland, they are ALL so sweet and cute! I’m going to miss them!

Nov 18th Letter & Pictures


This is my last day in Mexico! How cool is this! 🙂
Oh so yeah we are basically on email forever tonight because guess what? we are finished with the ccm! woot i had my last class this morning and have just been packing and printing off our travel info! how cool!

Guess what though, I leave the CCM tomorrow at 2:30am….holy early..the lord is for sure hastening his work…and also hastening the time we wake up haha.
This week has been awesome! for sure the best week yet at the ccm. I love it, this is the garden of eden and anything is possible here. BUT I am so excited to start my time in washington! literally so exctied. the CCM has taught me so much and I already feel 20 years spiritually older….ive been praying so hard that my first companion will be sweet and compasionate and loves serving the lord.
when i get to washington i have lots to send you, at walmart im gunna buy another camera memory card and send home my 2 that are full so you can dump them on the computer then send them back 🙂
I sent you a letter so look out for it!
guess what was the total pits today though….2 days ago we all left our bags in the classroom for lunch in the lockers and someone stole $100 from me and $250 from an elder and $20 and $30 from someone else. we all reported and the church is doing something not quite sure…but that sucks and i was super disapointed BUT i decided that if they needed it that bad i cant be unchrist like.
so blah.
So my flight itinerary is this I fly out of Mexico at 615am then get to Dallas at 8:45am! then after we get off the plane we will find our gate and CALL HOME! I’m so excited! to call!
SAM_0162me district on our last day…TODAY
SAM_0168some of my favorite people!
SAM_0218me and my friend elder lloyd- hes on the Harvard football team

Last week in Mexico

Hello familia!

This week is so weird because ITS MY LAST WEEK!
I haven endured till the end! (CMM speaking) 🙂
Im so mad I forgot my notes of what happend this week that I could write to you! But ill do my best to remember everything 😉
So this week has been by far THE BEST WEEK! probably because I can understand what people are actually saying and I can talk back haha and because ive been working really hard with studying and being exactly obedient!
So I got the letter from aunt chris and grandma and mom all in the same day!! it was like christmas! 🙂
The legit jerseys that I ordered for you guys are finally here! 🙂 you guys will love them and I had this guy get me a carved mayan calander for the piano room 🙂 I know your going to love it!
This week we had a devotional from L. Tom Perry, and he spoke all about missionary companionship relationships and how important they are, and that the single most important thing a missionary companionship can do is to study together, no matter what. I know for a fact that is true and by doing this the windows of heaven can be opened unto you 🙂
He also spoke to us about the disaster in the philippians, how sad it is….but then we told us the story of what really happend….it took them a while to find all of the missionaries, when they did the airport was so busy that none of the missionaries could catch any flight the church had schedualed for them….the army was over there helping with humanitarian efforts and one of the sargents saw the missionaries and flew all of the missionaries back to the mission home! how cool is that, i know for sure the lord is watching us and protects his servants.
We also had some funny lessons this week….we were teaching about the law of tithing…and my companion instead of saying… ” have you experienced the blessings of the law of tithing” she said ” How can we help you experience the law of chasity”….I died laughing and so did our teacher hahah!
what do ya do.
But ive been reading alot about the plan of salvacion. and i know it it is truley gods plan, and only through the atonement and gods plan can we be with out families forever. The plan of salvacion is I think Gods greatest gift. howerver, it all depends on us. we CAN BE with our families forever if we are righteous and live up to commandments of god. It is so important we use our agency for good and understand that good and bad decisions have consquences…good outcomes come from good decisions and bad comes from darkness…and anything that is dark, is not of god.
I have full desire to serve god, and to also be with my family forever. I wish i could drag you the celestial kingdom with me, but it takes work from everyone. I know the savior is coming soon and I know that this is the most important time to bring the gospel to the world. I know that only through Jesus Christ  are all things possible. I know that the temple is the house of God. and our homes should also be another house where the spirit of God dwells.
I love you all, and I know that God loves you more than we all know. I know that tender mercies are real and that they come in times of true need .I know that if we pray truley and sincerely that God will help you and open your eyes spiritually. I know that this is the word and work of God, and i am so blessed and happy to be serving.
I am grateful for my Mexico experience and even though Im sad to leave, that this experience was truley from God. Mexico has taught me so much that i couldnt have learned anywhere else. I am grateful for all of your love and support.
Love truley….
Hermana Lyman
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SAM_0134SAM_0136my district. SAM_0137

SAM_0087our class of Mexico natives! we loved them!

SAM_0091more of the natives!

SAM_0150the natives love getting their picture taken haha

Here are the cool jersey’s.

SAM_0101SAM_0103SAM_0106the cool Mayan calendar i had this guy get for me

Letter Week 5- Nov 6th, 2013

familia!! how are you all doing?!

This week has been another
confirmation of the amazing love and support and truthfulness of the
Atonement if Jesus Christ.

I  know that through him you can be strengthens to endure challenges and situations…not change them. I
learned that missionary work has to be done the lords way, or it doesn’t get done. I learned that OBEDIENCE is the first of law of
missionary work, and should be the first law of life. I learned that the miracle of a mission is

1. This opportunity to serve God all day
everyday for 18 months will never come again.

2. because of that Its
so important to embrace every minute and enhance every hour. and

3. no matter what….you must suffer the will of father. The only way to
learn is to have trials and hardships. BUT only though trials can we
come one with the savior…who is Jesus Christ. Elder starkey is doing
better….i think? This last Sunday was fast Sunday….i LOVED IT.
this was my 3rd time fasting, and it was amazing. I prayed as much as
I could and I asked specific blessing and its amazing how I  received
specific answers 🙂

Theres a sweet little sister here who just left…her name is Hermana Smith…shes going to
Nashville TN. and her family hasn’t written her once since shes been out ;( how sad. How lucky and I to have a family that loves me and
write me! Also, one of my Elder friends….Elder Elliot had to go home? He had a pornography problem and wasnt worthy to be out here. It broke my poor little heart….mostly because…satan is a terd. If I could….Id probably hammer punch him. But its that…Satan finds things, he finds weaknesses and then he tells you itll be okay….I was just reading in the book of Mormon in Alma where it says something like ” you can now see that the Devil isnt there for the souls he drags down….” its so true….true happiness and exaltation isn’t worth any of satans tempations.


Ive already learned so much and loved so much. Oh my guess what! MOM remember that sweet sister I went through
the temple with in Salt Lake…she had curly hair….SHES HERE! haha we’ve been here together for like 4 weeks (shes a week in head of me…she just left too) and I got a picture with her to send to you. how coolio. I LOVE pday…love love love….in my planner i have “7am-breakfast…” ….”730am-5pm: Spiritual Paradise”…..”530- dinner”…”530-930pm: Spiritual prision (class)….” hahaha but i love
it. and I’m embracing it…

I LOVE ALL OF YOU thank you for the opportunity i have to be here….to all of you that have made this
possible 🙂 love: Hermana Lyman


One more thing…I want all of you to Read Alma 30;8-9. these scriptures have forever shaped who i want to become. in Alma vs 8 it say “choose ye this day whom ye will serve”. who will we choose to serve day by day. it doesn’t matter how little you serve the lord, wake up with prayer and pray throughout the day and ask…how can I serve the lord this day.

in Alma 30:9 it talks about how serving the lord is a privilege. i know that this is sacred calling and should be looked upon with the highest respect and we should all care. I know that serving the lord is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. be prepared everyday to offer up your will, your sins, your shortcomings. and to give them to the lord, in return be expected to accept his will, his love, and his comfort. This way and only this way can we become the missionaries we need to be. we all have the potential to be CELESTIAL members, people, and missionaries. its what is expected of us and it is what we need to become. through prayer everyday, scriptures study ( family night, scripture study and family prayer) we can return to live with him. Accept the atonement of Jesus Christ into every aspect of your life, the time of the lords coming is coming, and it is expedient to be obedient in every way and everyday.
I love you all!!
hermana lyman

MTC Week 5


me, hermana stokes, smith, holman, and my companion hermana maama. in our jerseys and the day before the left.

Imagemy favorite things ever! I bought this box for you guys! ill send it in Washington

Imagethe sister I went through the salt lake city temple with! how cool!!