Mount Vernon


I don’t understand where the days are going! This week was a lot of working and lot of SNOW! yup.
Mix snow and bikes and neon lights and you’ve got a party. word. No but really Hna Weymouth and I are conquering the bikes and the hills and the people that don’t see us when we cross the street haha. love it.
We got to work and the bishops storehouse last week and it WAS AWESOME! Literally I want to volunteer there when I get home. It was the greatest! we met a girl named Amanada when we first got there and she was like ” I have been a member for a year and have never seen a Sister missionary!” it was so fun!
It was truley another testament that Gods Church is here upon the face of the earth and he takes care of his children. The organization of the church is amazing and so orderly. No one else could take care of people like this, no else cares to either.
I never understood the order and organization of the church until I got out here, seeing the details of everything is a huge eye opener!
We had lessons with Emilia and Roberto and it was awesome! I love them SO much!
They are a miracle and were placed directly in our path, and so we feel a huge load of responsibility to always teach with the spirit and to teach them right, because heavenly father gave them to us and its our responsibility to teach them as Jesus would. We have taught them up to Lesson 3 and they are soaking it all in. I have been praying like crazy for them to be baptized and to accept it fully.
We found them by tracting an apt complex and we saw him and asked if he’d be interested and right then he asked for a book of mormon but he was sick so he said come back again, but he was like “you guys have perfect spanish” So we schedualed an appt and walked away. We were walking out of the complex and comes running after us and says “Hermana’s! I told my wife you speak spanish really good and she said to come up!” so we did, the whole way up the stairs I was praying like crazy for the spirit and for gift of tougnes and that we would say what we needed to say. needless to say IT WAS THE BEST LESSON EVER! since that, we have seen them so much and I know they will be baptized. We are actually playing soccer with them tomorrow!
This week was a huge learning experience for me, a huge challenge but  huge experience to learn a little more about the Atonement of Christ.
I wish I could just record everyday and every moment so you guys could see it! I wish I could take you with me everywhere. but if that were the case I’d just be home or something and right now I need to serve.
I love you all SO much. I know this church is true, I know christ lives, I know the gospel is restored.
You should never be ashamed of the Gospel, never be ashamed to testify that Jesus is the Christ and that he is the living waters. Never be ashamed to bare that testimony.
Love you!!
Untill next week. Love Hna L

Mount Vernon Week 1

Hello Family!

 So I am in Mount Vernon Washington….I told Heavenly Father I don’t want to be transferred for a while haha I need some stability and mostly because Im sick of packing my life into 3 suitcases 🙂
So sorry this email will be short today because again I only have an hour, but Im grateful to have some time rather than none 🙂
But I was suprised at how hard this transition has been going from english to spanish again. Its been a very hard week with tears and loads of prayers on my part. I even asked my self…”how easy would it be to go home…” then I realized how easy it would be…but then how easy it would have been for Jesus Christ to say the exact same thing.
I realized I cant give a little bit of myself to him and expect him to bless me 100 fold. No I have to give my everything.
But I read this talk called “The Fourth Missionary” and it has forever changed my mission.
The characteristics of a Fouth Missionary…or the ones I want to work on are being concencrated in everything….giving my will over to heavenly father….kicking when I dont want to kick and stroking when I dont want to stroke because it is the intelligent thing to do.
Also, I am working on understanding that sacrafice is different than concencration. That sacrafice is justing giving up something and not giving yourself. I am working on giving my whole self to this work!
Mom, thank you so much for the quotes and everything you send me….I read one everyday and They are just what I need!
I have the sweetest Companion, Hermana Weymouth from Sweet Idaho and I am so blessed!
Anyway….I have like zero time…So bascially my favorite thing I learned this week was this
“Of you he will make a masterpiece”

Live for the Gospel

Hola Familia!
Como le fue su semana?
How was your week! Mine was awesome and Crazy.
So we had Sister Cole join our companionship this week 🙂 she was released from the hospital and her Kidneys were getting back to normal. Usually we drop her off at a members house because she can only work a couple hours at a time, and Sister Yeager and I go work. But sometimes its hard to find babysitters so we have spent a lot of time at the apartment this week and sometimes I go stir crazy but, I have read a lot and organized a lot. But she was getting better until yesterday after church when the same kidney pain started coming back and so Sister Yeager and I had to leave for mission prep and we called Sister Bonham and told her what was up and she spoke to President Bonham and by the time we got back from mission prep we packed fast and made a trip the Emergency Room.
It was so fun to be back in a hospital for me, but not for Sister Cole, we were there for a loooong time and after every test and everything they couldn’t find anything, but she was still in a lot of pain. So we went home and I have never been more tired or worried, I think I slept for like 3 hours last night, but we go back to the hospital at noon today, so hopefully….we will see what will happen 🙂 all in The Lords hands…he always has a plan, and even though we don’t know what will happen, he does and that’s all that matters.
We have been spending a lot of time with a less active this week, her name is Rachel Whitthal and she is awesome! Her life story is crazy and it just makes me to want to be there for her, and to help her. I just want to know what I can do to help her. She is going through a bad divorce right now, her soon to be ex husband is literally crazy and put secret cameras in the house and bugged it and just crazy, so sometimes we have to watch our back when we go over there and stuff. But she is awesome, and we have been helping her pack and she has been having us over for dinner. I don’t think that I have ever connected with someone like I have with her. She is taking us to Costco today and I am so excited!
This week was also awesome because of the miracle baptism of Dennis Palmer. Right when I got to Anacortes we found Dennis and taught him like crazy and he was so crazy prepared and he soaked in everything, and was truly converted. We had his baptism this Saturday and he was so excited! He showed up an hour early and was glowing and couldn’t stop smiling!
When he was baptized it was so special, I even teared up! Then after I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I could feel his sweet spirit and the I could feel the heavens rejoicing. what a beautiful day for a baptism 🙂
Sorry my letter isn’t all that great this week, I’m sure ill be more awake next week haha. But transfer calls are today! we haven’t gotten them yet so I Don’t know what is going on, and next week is Presidents day, so I might have to email on Tuesday….who knows.
But next week when I email you will find out, or mom, you can even call the mission office tomorrow and find out. yay! yay for new adventures and new lessons!
One of my favorite quotes by Elder Jeffery R. Holland
“Someone once asked me if I’d die for this church. I said that’s the
easy part. That’s a snap! On some days it looks really appealing.
That’s the easy part, to die for it. Well, what God needs is someone
who will live for it.”
Live for the gospel everyday, testify of Jesus Christ everyday. Teach the Restoration everyday. I love this, I love my mission. I want to be a missionary forever. I love my life!
Stay strong, do whats right. make good choices.
until next week,
Love Hermana Lyman!

Anacortes Washington

Helllloo From Anacortes Washington!
THis week has been CRRAAAZZZYY!!
So, right after email on Monday..or a little after President Bonham called me and asked me if I would leave Lake Stevens and transfer up to Anacortes Washington because Sister Cole was basically in Kidney failure but the work needed to go on.
So I packed like a mad woman….I got picked up and moved to Anacortes…we worked hard that night and the next day…then on Tuesday night the STLs called us and said hey! we need to go on Exchanges tonight! SO we packed again and drove up the Ferndale WA and I was in Ferndale all day on bike getting work done! Which was so fun, but im so grateful for cars!
Then that night we went back to Anacortes and man am I tired! I haven’t even fully unpacked yet haha. But awesome news! We are having another baptism this upcoming week! His name is Dennis Palmer and he is crazy prepared… I was laughing one night…I was like…heavenly father put me English and he’s giving me all of these prepared people and I love it!
I am super blessed to be here and go have this opporutinity to be on a lovely island by the ocean and also to have the chance to meet new people and see how I can be a better missionary.
Sister Cole is getting better and she will be joining us this week! yay for 3 pack! 🙂
Transfers are next week So Im not sure what is happening…So keep sending mail to the mission office! and Somehow…some way you will find out where I will be…I will for sure be in Anacortes this week though 🙂
Sorry this week is short but work calls! LOVE YOU ALL!
Love sister Lyman